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About The IPA

Adhering to the strictest standards of pseudo-scientific inquiry, the Institute creates elaborate experiments to uncover the psychogeographic qualities of neighborhoods and institutions.

After spending months canvassing every nook, cranny, and back alleyway of our target location, we partner with local artists, residents, businesses, and community organizations to create performance adventures for one (or two) audience members at a time. 


Audience members are led through a series of encounters ranging from the intimate to the spectacular, designed to bring new awareness to the possibilities hidden within their surroundings. 

At the completion of the adventure, audience response is measured and documented. The resultant data from the experiment is then analyzed, decoded, and stored away using the latest encryption technology. 

The IPA Co-Founders

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The Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure (IPA) was founded in 2012 when four graduate students enrolled in Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) program discovered a common interest in exploring the audience-performer relationship, community-based arts practices, and the writings of a 60's French radical collective called the Situation Internationalists led by Guy Debord.

These disparate interests led to the formation of The IPA.

The four IPA co-founders are :
Andrew Goldberg, Liza Wade Green, Radoslaw Konopka, and Emily Rea.

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Emily Rea

Emily Rea is a design manager, production manager, and educator working at the intersection of space and experience. 

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Liza Wade Green

Liza Wade Green is an experimental writer, farmer, and curator whose work blends the genres of theatre and social art practice.

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Andrew Goldberg

Andrew Goldberg is a professor and a director of Shakespeare and contemporary theatre whose work has been seen all over the world, from Broadway to London’s West End.

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Radek Konopka

Radek Konopka is a New York City-based audio professional, theatre-maker, and yoga practitioner.

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