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Experiment #3.14

Location | Manhattan, NYC
Presented by | Avant-Garde-Arama
Date | May 2015 

The IPA infiltrated Avant-Garde-Arama and the Abrons Arts Center, coaxing audience members out of public spaces and into individual journeys through secret passageways of this 100 year-old building. 


The IPA adapted their personalized intake and psychogeographic survey process to the architecture of this historic performance venue on the lower east side, asking participants to reexamine their relationship to the site, themselves, and the nature of performance venues.

lukasz.drapala_2 copy.jpg

May 2015 Avant-Garde-Arama artists included: Jennifer Miller, John Jasperse, Half Straddle, Jack Ferver with Reid Bartelme, and Rebecca Patek among others. 

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