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Building on the success of EXPERIMENT #17 (DUMBO), the IPA was invited by the BEAT Festival to create an original performance experiment at the Brooklyn Museum in September 2013. The BEAT Festival features a diverse mix of Brooklyn-based performing artists in neighborhoods all across Brooklyn, creating a vibrant conversation and community around the festival events. 2013 BEAT artists included: Yanira Castro, Ping Chong and Company, Odyssey Works, Third Rail Projects, and Storyboard P, among others. 

For the BEAT Festival, the IPA created EXPERIMENT #23b (BROOKLYN MUSEUM), which drew upon their established community-based development process. The piece deconstructed the typical museum tour for 16 guests at a time, exploring the historic exhibition spaces and areas usually off-limits to guests. After a psychogeographic intake interview with the IPA, audience members were led on a path chosen specifically for them, until they arrived at a one-on-one performance at a predestined location or art work in the museum, transforming the traditional museum tour into a personalized journey of the unexpected.

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